Start the New Year by finalizing a $1,500,000 settlement

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We are very happy to start the 2019 New Year by finalizing a $1,500,000.00 settlement for one of our clients that was seriously injured after being rear-ended by a large SUV. Our client didn’t have any health insurance but we were able to get her set up with one of the top spine doctors in San Diego so she could get all the care she needed.
After undergoing a spine surgery and making a full medical recovery, we were able to settle her case for $1,500,000.00 without having to file a lawsuit. It’s important to understand that by settling this case for maximum value, without having to file a lawsuit, the client saves tens of thousands of dollars in attorneys fees and costs. A lot of law firms would have filed a lawsuit so they could make more money. We are not most firms.
The client is SO happy and we could not be happier for her and is going to be an amazing year!!!