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If you have been injured in an accident, you need legal advice. Our legal team has defended thousands of personal injury cases with proven results and we are dedicated and determined to get you the care your need and the compensation you deserve.

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If you have been injured, we can help.

Batta | Fulkerson Law is a full service San Diego Personal Injury Law Firm serving clients throughout California. We have experienced injury lawyers, proven results and dedicated support staff to serve you and make your experience as easy and painless as possible.
  •   Dan Fulkerson and Paul Batta are the real deal. Walking me and my wife through the process and giving us a real personalized touch made us feel amazing. The first question they asked was "how are you feeling, and are you ok?" Yes, money is the driver of this world, but the kindness and compassion that was shown when we came in was refreshing.

    I can't emphasize enough how happy we were with the experience. I hope I never have anyone that needs their services, but if/when something happens, there is no other firm that I would recommend.

    You are in good hands.

    thumb Ben G.
  •   Before Thanksgiving of last year I was travelling for the holiday and was rear-ended not once- but twice in just about 30 minutes.  Unbelievable.  I reached out to Dan and his team and they immediately sprung into action, first ensuring that I got the physical treatment for my pain while also making sure that I received the highest level of service to fix the damage to my vehicle.  Dealing with one insurance company can be difficult enough, but with two different insurers and separate claims it could have been a nightmare.  Not only have Dan and company made the process simple, they have also been incredibly efficient.  They have dealt with the insurance and coordinating the claims while I focused on getting healthy.  I have and continue to recommend Batta Fulkerson as the pinnacle of what a personal injury attorney firm should strive to be.

    thumb Michael Y.
  •   It is a more than fair statement to say that I don't know much about the law--that being said, I could not have chosen better or more kind, smart attorneys than Paul Batta and Dan Fulkerson.

    My Husband got hit in my car, (texter-driver hit him) and was hurt badly. We were both skeptical as to get a personal injury attorney, but the guy that hit my Husband was from out of state and had an insurance company that wouldn't call us back.

    We were able to meet with Paul Batta on a SUNDAY at 8 am. These guys cleared time out of their schedules for us left and right. And the minute we acquired them as our representatives, everything changed. Our medical bills for his ER--taken care of, we didn't have to call or pester our insurance or have any involvement with the guy that totaled my Camry. His physical therapy, taken care of by the best Doctors in San Diego. My Husband is feeling way better. My car was replaced with an equivalent car, but only because I was lucky enough to find these guys.

    The most important part of my diatribe is that they called and texted both of us, at least twice a week, and asked how we were doing and how they could further help. Had we not used their services, we would probably still be waiting for a phone call and an insurance adjustor.

    They genuinely cared about him and his injuries, and me having to do all the chores, gardening and housework, while working two jobs, when he was laid up. They were amazing and their whole staff were exceptional.

    I can't thank them enough. They actually really cared about us, and I am so, so glad we chose them.

    If I could give them 100 stars instead of five, I truly would.

    thumb Elisabeth W.
  •   Where do I begin? About a year ago I had gotten into an accident that resulted in a death but wasn't my fault. I then reached out to an old friend that I knew became an attorney. Dave was very helpful from the first phone call and to be a client of this law firm was way beyond expectations. They called all the time to make sure I was doing alright they kept me informed and helped me find medical care for my injuries. Before working with Batta Fallkerson I used to have the view that personal injury lawyers were ambulance chasers. But this firm will change your mind in one phone call. The process is tedious and one the normal person is not familiar with but all the attorneys at this law firm are reachable at anytime and are more than willing to answer questions. The names partners are more than happy to field questions and help in any possible way. My case is not yet closed and I hit a hard time in my life and Paul and Dan along with the rest of the staff here have helped in making my life a lot easier. I want to thank all the staff at Batta Fallkerson for making this process an easy one. And I would without a doubt recommend you all to any and all my friends.

    thumb Corey B.
  •   March of 2018 I was involved in a total loss car accident and having worked at a personal injury law firm before I thought I knew what to expect in terms of client treatment and quality of work. When I stepped into the door it didn't feel like a stuffy firm where the guy takes you into some fancy room trying to show of what he has accomplished to get you to sign up. What I got is someone who took the time to see how I felt and how could I be helped through the process. Dan and Paul kept me updated throughout the case and Omar (one of their paralegals) took the time to go over my entire case with me to ensure that the trauma that I suffered was shown to the at fault party. I cannot believe the quality of work they provide there and would recommend them to anyone.

    thumb Michel S.
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