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Batta & Fulkerson is the premier personal injury law firm in San Diego. They treated me with respect and kindness, even in the face of my impatience and frustration (I can be quite unpleasant). Dan & Paul are consummate professionals and knew exactly how to handle the minor quirk and bump my case presented. Settlement? I was quite satisfied with the final outcome, not to mention the uber cool bulldog swag! Hopefully you never need a personal injury attorney, but if so, Batta Fulkerson is the only firm to whom I'd be confident referring my friends and family.
- Kimberly Folwer -

An experienced car accident lawyer should have an approach like this: put you – the client – first. Period. By always making you the paramount priority, we can accommodate the unique needs of each case and client and make sure, from start to finish, you get the care you need and the attention your case deserves. We can help you find the right doctor or medical professional for your treatment regardless if you have health insurance.

Our San Diego car accident lawyers will ensure that every aspect of your auto accident case is properly set up from the beginning. Our office will immediately get the information needed to properly establish your claim so the process is smooth and you are able to get a fair settlement once your health is restored. It is critical to obtain the information from your accident report, take witness statements, retrieve the property damage established and resolved, and numerous other events that need to happen in a timely and correct manner. Batta|Fulkerson will make sure all of these task items are handled while you concentrate on your health and recovery.

Accident Claim Lawyer

If you’ve been the victim of an auto accident, then you already have a lot on your plate as you deal with getting your car repaired or replaced, medical treatment for your injuries, and communicating or trying to communicate with multiple insurance companies. If you try to handle your claim on your own, you are likely to give the insurance company ammunition to discredit and devalue your case. Always remember, the at-fault party’s insurance company is not there to help you, but rather to limit the exposure of the insurance company by settling your case for the lowest amount possible.

They will send you HIPPA authorizations in hopes that you ignorantly sign and return so they can pull your entire medical history to use against you. They will respectfully and kindly tell you how sorry they are for your accident and then offer you $500–$1000 to settle your injury claim, knowing your claim is already worth five times that amount. The system is set up to prey on the unrepresented. A good car accident lawyer understands how difficult that can be, so we take the stress off you by handling every aspect of the accident claim and offer a comprehensive service that always puts your needs first.

We stay with you every step of the way, and you will never be pushed off to someone who doesn’t understand your case or know you personally. After working in a high-volume San Diego personal injury law firm for years, the founding San Diego car accident lawyers at Batta|Fulkerson understand how important personal attention and service is when dealing with serious auto accident injury claims. If a firm grows too large, it can lose the fundamental priority of “client first” and instead it becomes “just another case” and the law firm becomes "just another business" with the only priority of making money.

To us, that is unacceptable. When someone’s life is harmed by the negligence of another, that person deserves an attorney that will personally make sure every part of the process is handled the right way. That is why at Batta Fulkerson, we follow strict guidelines on the number of cases we will take on at any given time to ensure that every case gets the time and attention it deserves. Each accident claim lawyer on our team is dedicated and committed to that vision, and we hope to change the way the personal injury process is viewed and handled. Long-term relationships and people should always come first. Our team will make sure you are taken care of, and that you feel comfortable during the process.

Car Accident Attorney: Common Concerns

One of the major concerns most people have when considering hiring San Diego car accident lawyers is the potential cost of representation. Questions like: Do I have to pay up front? Or, Would I make more without an attorney being involved? We take the stress out of the legal process by working on contingency. This means there are absolutely no out-of-pocket fees or costs for you, we only get paid if there is a settlement, and in that situation, we take a percentage of the settlement.

In addition, our fees are highly competitive and generally, we do not take more in attorney fees than what we can put in the client’s pocket after all medical expenses are paid. Due to this, there is little to no risk to the client, and no reason you should not call today for a free consultation. Since there is no fee or upfront cost, at the very least you will receive free information with no obligation. We are here to help.

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