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If you were injured in a Lyft rideshare accident, your choice in a knowledgeable Lyft accident lawyer is an important one. If you are feeling overwhelmed from the financial burden your medical bills and lost wages from your injuries have caused, we can help. Our expertise and specialization in these cases explains the successes in our recently settled cases.

What You Need to Know about Lyft Accidents

The popularity of Lyft rideshare vehicles has grown, with Lyft currently in more than 200 cities throughout the country. With the growing number of vehicles working for Lyft comes the confusion over how rideshare cars impact accidents. The large number of vehicles on the road increases the potential for being in an accident based on the statistics alone. When a Lyft accident does happen, liability is determined differently than with a typical auto accident.

When a driver hits you with their personal vehicle, providing fault is a matter of showing who was operating legally and who wasn’t. The at-fault driver is liable for the compensation to the other driver. When commercial vehicles are to blame for an accident, the company owner, the driver, or a combination of both may be to blame. Determining liability in a Lyft accident is more complex.

Lyft vehicles differ from both personal and commercial vehicles. While the vehicle operates as a ride share car, the driver’s personal insurance doesn’t cover liability for any accident. Also, Lyft considers their drivers as “independent contractors” instead of employees. According to the company, this shifts the liability for accidents to the driver and away from them.

More Ride Options = More Potential for Liability

Rideshare companies use private drivers to operate as a sort of taxi service. They use a special app to let potential passengers know they’re in service and ready to transport passengers. Once the passenger sends a transportation request using their smart phone, the vehicle follows the instructions to the passenger’s location. Passengers like the on-demand service and the lower cost of transportation for short trips in comparison to taxi fares.

Lyft also offers their Lyft Line service, which allows multiple passengers going in the same direction to share the ride and the fare. Another service, Lyft Plus, accommodates up to six passengers at one time. For those who prefer to ride in a luxury vehicle, Lyft offers Lyft Premier at a reasonable cost. Each type of ride offers something different and presents different challenges in the event of an injury-causing accident.

Requirements for Lyft Drivers

Lyft requires all drivers to be at least 21 years of age, to own an iPhone or Android phone, and to pass both DMV and background checks for seven or more years. Drivers must have in-state vehicle license plates for the state where they operate.

Just any vehicle won’t do, either. Those used by Lyft drivers must pass a 19-point vehicle inspection, have four external door handles, and a minimum of five seat belts. Lyft drivers are also required to have auto insurance in addition to the insurance coverage provided by Lyft’s primary liability insurance.

Lyft Car Accident Insurance

Every time you ride in a Lyft vehicle, you are at risk of being in an accident and receiving a serious injury. You might say the same thing about riding in your own car. Some of the most common car accident-related injuries include broken bone, whiplash, traumatic brain injury, amputations, and laceration.

It isn’t just passengers who are at risk, either. Drivers, pedestrians, and third-party drivers also have the potential to become injured in a Lyft-related accident. When they do, getting the advice of an experienced Lyft accident lawyer can help them take the next step forward.

If you have a Lyft-related injury, don’t wait to see an experienced attorney who understands the complex laws related to rideshare accidents. We know how important getting medical care for your injuries is to your outcome. Left without the proper treatment, some injuries continue to grow worse over time. Don’t wait to see how severe your injury really is.

You wouldn’t expect any driver who hurts you while driving their own car to get away without paying. Don’t settle for anything less when there’s a Lyft driver involved. An experienced Lyft accident lawyer has the answers you need to take the next step in your case.

Rideshare vehicles are still new enough to leave accident victims with a lot of questions. Let us answer your questions and help you get the compensation you deserve for your injury.

Schedule your no risk complimentary consultation today. A friendly staff member is standing by to take your call and facilitate a meeting with a Batta Fulkerson attorney.

Common Lyft Injuries

Lyft provides $1 million in coverage to drivers for car accident claims. This liability insurance covers the vehicle from the time the driver accepts a ride until the passenger exits the vehicle. The time that the driver is ‘on hold’ and waiting for a transport request is more of a grey area in regards to insurance coverage. If your accident occurred while the driver was supposedly in ‘driver mode’, a Lyft accident lawyer can advise you on who is liable for your injuries.

If the accident involves an uninsured or underinsured motorist, the Lyft insurance still covers up to $1 million per accident. While $1 million sounds like a lot of money, it may be less than the amount needed to get medical treatment and pay lost wages for more serious injuries. For accidents involving Lyft vehicles carrying as many as six passengers, that sum is far below the fair compensation that each of several victims deserves.

People in cities around the nation enjoy the convenience of getting a ride at the touch of a button. When an accident occurs, they deserve compensation from the at-fault party. As with any type of car accident, there’s no such thing as an accident when it comes to Lyft cars.

In every instance where a person is injured, someone has disobeyed the law, produced or used a faulty device, or was negligent in maintaining the condition of the automobile or a safety device. In other words, someone is always to blame when a car wreck causes an injury. The primary job of a Lyft accident lawyer is to determine who is to blame for your injuries and your expenses.


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