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Batta Fulkerson Law Group
$2.5 million dollars recovered for a motorcyclist who was hit by a drunk driver causing compound leg fractures that required multiple surgeries.
Batta Fulkerson Law Group
$100,000.00 policy limits for motorcyclist who was hit while splitting lanes. The client suffered a broken arm that needed surgery to repair.
Batta Fulkerson Law Group
$40,000.00 EACH for a boyfriend and girlfriend that were hit by a drunk driver. They were both checked out at the hospital and followed up with treatment with a chiropractor.
Batta Fulkerson Law Group
Over $700,000 in total recovery for four young men who were hurt when riding on a limo bus for a brewery tour. The driver was not paying attention and swerved to avoid rear-ending a vehicle, causing our clients to bounce around the inside of the bus. Three of the four victims only suffered minor soft tissue injuries. One of them had to undergo a minimally invasive back procedure.
Batta Fulkerson Law Group
$500,000.00 for a client that was Rearended while getting onto a freeway. The impact pushed the client into the center divider and resulted in a total loss of her vehicle. The client underwent a procedure on her neck as a result of the accident.
Batta Fulkerson Law Group
$500,000.00 policy limits for client who suffered a back and neck injury in an automobile accident. The client had a spine procedure as a result of the accident.
Batta Fulkerson Law Group
$100,000.00 policy limits settlement for woman who suffered a ruptured breast implant in a car accident.
Batta Fulkerson Law Group
$100,000.00 EACH for an elderly couple that is as hit by a vehicle that ran a red light. The police report wrongly put our clients at fault, but after a thorough investigation we were able to show that the other party caused the accident. The clients were very banged up and were transported by ambulance to the Emergency Room.