$100,000 Policy Limits

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We just settled a case for the full $100,000.00 Policy Limits for a client that was injured in a car accident. The client had suffered a prior wrist injury and had surgery on the wrist a couple years prior to the accident. Unfortunately, this accident aggravated her wrist. After following up with her surgeon and trying physical therapy for several months, the surgeon recommended a second procedure to fix the injury from the accident. Due to COVID and other life obstacles, the client is unable to have the surgery at this time. We sent the at fault party a very thorough demand package that explained in detail how this was a new injury and not pre-existing. The insurance company continued to blame the prior injury. We let them know we had enough and were filing a lawsuit. But instead of filing immediately, we sent them a supplemental package with some additional hardships and a copy of the lawsuit we were prepared to file. Upon reviewing and realizing we were not playing around, the insurance company tendered they entire policy. This is a big win for our client because although some cases need to be litigated, litigation is stressful and time consuming. Our client deserved this outcome so she can move on with her life 💙