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Not all personal injury lawyers are the same. At Batta Fulkerson Law Group, we do not represent a client unless they have one very important thing.
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I get asked what type of legal cases our office takes fairly often. So, I thought that today I would share what type of cases we take and why.

We are a personal injury law firm. We only take personal injury cases. The main three categories of cases that we take and work on are car accidents, motorcycle accidents, and dog bite cases.

While those are not the only personal injury cases we take, they are the three main categories. We do have a lot of premise liability cases and other personal injury situations that we work on as well.

Now when it comes to what makes a good client or a good case for us, I would say the one requirement that we have is that we want to represent nice, good people.

Our focus is always on quality, not quantity.


There are many firms out there that take every single case which comes their way, no matter their situation. They are mills, which are collecting as many cases as they possibly can. They settle those cases out as quickly as they possibly can and focus on quantity, not quality.

That is not what we do here. Our focus is always on quality, not quantity.

We focus on making sure that every one of our clients gets the best representation possible in their situation. This is why we will not take every case which comes our way.

Even though we will not take every case which is available because we want to make sure that the cases we do take are handled the right way, you can always call with any questions. We are always happy to give you advice and point you in the right direction.