Bulldog Attorneys

San Diego’s premier boutique personal injury law firm

You have probably seen our cars around town branded with the Bulldogs. It didn't take long before the community started referring to us as the Bulldog Attorneys. But what are the roots of this boutique premier law firm?

It all started when we realized there was something more we could be doing...a way to help clients through the process of a personal injury case that was less systematic and more personal. As lawyers working for years with large caseloads within the personal injury field, we noticed that the way most firms handled clients was more about the numbers and less about the people. We knew we could do better.

When you are the victim of an injury from an accident, you need an experienced and aggressive attorney to make sure your rights are protected and a fair settlement is reached.

We decided that the best way to offer the level of service our clients deserve was to start a law firm dedicated to putting people first. A law firm that concentrated on relationships, people, and our community over profits and money. Here at Batta Fulkerson Law you are never just a case number – you are a valued friend. Every client is treated like a member of our family, and every client gets the respect and care they deserve. That is our promise to you.

Who is Batta Fulkerson Law Group?

We are a full­ service personal injury law firm located in San Diego, CA and serving clients throughout Southern California. We have experienced injury lawyers and support staff to serve you and make your experience as easy and painless as possible.

We know communication and accountability are important to our clients and our team is dedicated to making the process as smooth as possible. Unlike the majority of personal injury law firms, we promise not to pass your case off to a random staff member who doesn’t know you or your case; and we will not force you to go through a long and drawn out process where it takes hours or even days to get the answer you need. You will know each and every person working on your case by name, and will have access to your lawyer and support staff throughout the entire duration of your case. If you ever have a question you can call your attorney on his or her direct cell phone and you will get a response the same day. If you send an email, you will get a response the same day. We have heard the stereotypes of other personal injury law firms and we have heard the complaints about the lack of communication. At Batta Fulkerson, we work everyday to change the stigma that other personal injury firms have created and to show there is a different and better approach to handling personal injury cases.

Having worked on thousands of cases, we are experienced in a wide variety of situations, and we know how important it is to give every case a personalized approach in order to obtain the maximum recovery. Things like helping to find the right medical care, dealing with the insurance companies and other parties involved, coming to your house so you don’t have to travel, and helping you navigate the legal system are just a few of the ways we provide assistance to each and every client we work with. If you’ve had a past experience with other law firms passing you off to someone else the moment a new case comes along, or dealing with someone new every time you need an answer, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at our approach and execution.

Here's How we work.

1 We work strictly on contingency for personal injury cases meaning we are not paid anything unless we are able to recover for you. When there is a recovery, we take a percentage of the recovery and our rates are very fair and set up to allow the client to always receive a fair share of whatever recovery there is. This is a huge stress reliever for our clients, as there are no out of pocket legal expenses or costly retainers. We know you already have a lot to deal with, and we don’t want your legal experience to add more stress to an already difficult situation.

2 When you meet with one of our experienced injury attorneys, you will work with that lawyer throughout the entire process of your case. Our staff will be available to assist with your case, and you will also have access to our Client Concierge­, a member of our staff who is dedicated to making sure you have the best experience possible and have all the resources you need to recover and move forward with your life.

3 We remove the stress out of what can often be a troubling situation, and we do what it takes to handle your case so you can remain comfortable and focus on getting well.

"It’s not about us

It’s about you

Every time."

The Bulldog Attorneys Give Back

As members of the local San Diego community, we also believe in giving back to the community that supports us. We are involved in several charitable organizations, and we give a percentage of all proceeds received back to charities that we are personally involved with. Specifically, Batta Fulkerson is actively involved in several local animal rescues and bulldog rescues. We also participate and give to several local homeless outreach programs to help end the cycle of homelessness. It is so important to our team to put our community first and to be an active part of the growth and evolution of this great community that our family and friends are lucky enough to call home.