What Makes Batta Fulkerson Stand Out?

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How Do We Set Ourselves Apart From Other Firms?

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What makes Batta Fulkerson stand out?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of personal injury attorneys who have earned a bad reputation. Even more unfortunately, these bad reputations are often well-deserved.

When we started Batta Fulkerson, we did so because we were disappointed with the landscape of personal injury attorneys in San Diego and California in general.

Some attorneys have been practicing for so long that they forgot why they started. As for us, we practice personal injury law to help people—not to make money. Too many attorneys and law offices constantly put their own interest above their clients’.

Batta Fulkerson was created with the mindset of putting our clients before our own financial gain. This is why we’ve grown as rapidly as we have. We will never take a dollar more off of a case than what our clients put into their pocket after their bills are paid, tax-free, for their pain and suffering.

An attorney’s office should never take more money than the injured person. It’s disgusting to me that so many attorneys will take the lion’s share of a settlement.

Everything we do is with our clients’ best interest in mind.


We have six attorneys on our team and a support staff of 10 people, as well as paralegals and law clerks. Every client has the contact information of each of our attorneys.

The No. 1 complaint we hear from people working with other law offices is that they can’t reach the people they’re working with. That’s why every one of my clients has my personal cell phone number and can call or text me at any time. I work seven days a week.

We at Batta Fulkerson are truly passionate about what we do. We never take more cases than what we can handle. It’s important for us to be able to give adequate focus to the clients we work with. We will never take a case if we don’t believe we’ll be able to work it the right way.

If we do come across a case we can’t take, we always recommend a law office that can. Everything we do is with our clients’ best interest in mind. We really do put our client’s first.

If you have any other questions or would like more information, feel free to give me a call or send me an email.