How We’re Breaking the Stereotype of Personal Injury Firms

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Many people are wary of personal injury attorneys, which is why we provide fair, stress-free services to our clients. Here’s how.

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Personal injury lawyers haven’t always had the best reputation, which is what led to the beginning of Batta Fulkerson. We believed our industry needed a drastic change, and clients needed to be represented for the right reasons.


Many negative stereotypes about personal injury offices are rooted in the fact that many firms prioritize money over people. We sought to change that. We don’t believe this is an industry where people should look to make the largest amount of money possible. Our work is about helping those whose lives have met with unfortunate circumstances.


We decided we would handle our fees differently from other firms. All injury attorneys charge a contingency percentage, meaning clients aren’t charged an hourly rate and attorneys receive a percentage of what’s recovered. We are only compensated if we make a recovery for the client. 


Unfortunately, the attorneys are usually taking most of the money. We don’t believe that’s fair to those who are injured, so we decided we would handle our fees in a different way. We never take more than what the client receives after their medical bills are paid. From day one, our clients know they’re in a fair situation.


By doing this, clients understand they’re being taken care of properly, and they’re able to stay comfortable and stress-free. Many people have had bad experiences with attorneys in the past, but we don’t want that insecurity to continue.


We always make sure our fees are fair, and we always put clients before money. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, feel free to reach out to us. We look forward to hearing from you soon.