We are excited to share that we will be moving Summer 2020 to 1899 McKee Street!

For nearly three years we have been located in the heart of Downtown San Diego at the Wells Fargo Building. We have enjoyed our time Downtown and have been fortunate enough to grow in such a central location; however, in order to provide the best service to our Clients and accommodate our growing team, we decided it was time for a change. We purchased a new building and will be making a move in the next few months! 

Our new building is located at 1899 McKee Street in Mission Hills. You’ll see the building right when you cross the Washington Street Exit going right. The new building has our bulldog logo all over it because that’s what we do! We are very excited to be in Mission Hills, but still be so close to the downtown community. This will allow us to continue to service our Clients at the highest level possible. 

One of the primary reasons for our change in location is parking. The number one complaint we receive from our Clients being downtown is the scarcity in parking, one-way streets, and the hectic downtown driving environment. We wanted to alleviate that for our Clients so they would have one less thing to stress during the process of healing.  At the new building, we will have our own parking lot with no cost. This will allow our Clients to stop in and leave our office with easy access, which was very important to us. 

The parking lot is large enough that we can and will be having community events. Community has always been one of our top priorities and we are looking forward to being able to continue our mission of bringing the San Diego community together and closer each year. 

We are currently renovating the new building so we will have brand new custom offices. Once the building is done, we will be inviting the community over to check it out at an open house event. We encourage everyone to come and we appreciate the support. 

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