A Thank You Note: Batta Fulkerson Law Group Is Proud to Serve San Diego

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In little more than 2 years, Batta Fulkerson Law Firm has gone from a dream to reality in San Diego. This blog is more of a thank you to all of our clients who have and continue to entrust us to represent them and their families. We do this for you and are grateful that our attorneys have been able to settle over 10,000 cases and recover over $84 million for clients.

When Paul Batta and Dan Fulkerson started this law firm, they left behind the security of a guaranteed salary in order to build a firm dedicated to placing quality of service and representation in front of volume and profits. Over two years later and a team consisting of seven attorneys and an overall staff of sixteen, Batta Fulkerson is redefining what an injury law firm can be.

Batta Fulkerson has quickly become one of the leading personal injury law firms in San Diego and their results speak volumes for the work they are doing.  As Dan always says, “the most important thing at the end of the day is that the client is happy and they know they were treated with respect.” By always putting the client’s interests first, Batta Fulkerson has shown that running a successful injury law firm is more about focusing on the client’s priorities and less about chasing money.

“Our clients usually end up as friends when it is all said and done.  We get close.  It is an intimate process and it is so important there is a comfortable and solid personal connection.  Unfortunately, that is very rare at most law firms.  We are going to change that.” -Dan Fulkerson

In the News

In July 2018, Attorney Journal San Diego featured Batta Fulkerson Law Group Inc.

Here are some of the highlight:

“As a first-hand survivor of a serious car accident while in law school, Paul Batta is able to understand best what accident victims require in representation due to his own personal experience as a victim. He incurred substantial injuries which required him to need back surgery and aftercare for injuries he suffered. This experience has given Paul (and the rest of the firm) the unique ability to relate to and have empathy for their clients’ injuries and hardships in a way most other personal injury firms cannot.”

We really do empathize and sympathize with our clients. We understand that personal injury complaints and auto accident claims are emotional. Often, these are some of the most traumatic experiences people experience. Attorney Journal San Diego told the story of how we were able to recover $250,000 after a young girl was injured at a “trampoline gym.” The girl’s mother, an active military member, was soon-to-be deployed overseas. We were able to take care of everything for the mother, driving her daughter to and from doctor’s appointments, help set-up communication between daughter and mother, and to settle the case.

This is one of our favorite experiences with a client. We are proud to be the law office that goes above and beyond. We are grateful to be able to connect with and serve our community. “At our office, we always put the relationship in front of everything else, which always sets the tone for how hard we work for our clients. We fight hard for our clients because we care about each of them individually,” Fulkerson says.

The article is an excellent resource for exactly our process as a law firm that is redefining what a law firm can be. We treat our clients precisely like we would want to be taken care of if we were in their shoes, and that’s why every potential client meets with one of our head attorneys in our office. It’s also why we give every client Dan’s or Paul’s cell phone number. The process of litigation can be impersonal, scary, and tiring. The relationship with your attorneys doesn’t need to be. We believe in personal, honest, and compassionate service.

Learn more about our charitable work (hint, we love helping youth in San Diego!), how Dan and Paul met, and why we’re so obsessed with bulldogs. P.S. if you like coffee and social media, keep your eyes open for the Batta Fulkerson Bulldog cars and share on social media for free coffee, just make sure you wait until you’re done driving to take the picture and post. Safety first!

In addition to being featured, Batta Fulkerson was asked to be on the cover of the Attorney Journal.  It is an honor and recognizes that Batta Fulkerson is one of the premier car accident law firms in San Diego.

Check out the rest of the good stuff in the article here.


We want to take a moment to thank all of our clients, supporters, and friends. We have just been voted Best Personal Injury Law Firm in San Diego by the San Diego Union Tribune! That is right, the BEST Personal Injury Law Firm in San Diego.  Thank you! We can’t express our gratitude in being able to serve our city. This award is more a recognition of our amazing clients than it is about us. We are grateful for all of the trust our clients and the support of our families and friends.  It is very rare for a firm to have gained the notoriety we have in a few short years, but to be voted by the reader of the Union Tribune as the Best Personal Injury Lawyer in San Diego is humbled.

Also, we are currently a finalist for Best Law Firm for City Beat Magazine. If you could do us a favor, and take a minute to vote for us, we would greatly appreciate it.  Again, thank you to everyone for all the support and for trusting us in your times of need. We look forward to an even better year as your favorite law firm in San Diego!