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Batta & Fulkerson is the premier personal injury law firm in San Diego. They treated me with respect and kindness, even in the face of my impatience and frustration (I can be quite unpleasant). Dan & Paul are consummate professionals and knew exactly how to handle the minor quirk and bump my case presented. Settlement? I was quite satisfied with the final outcome, not to mention the uber cool bulldog swag! Hopefully you never need a personal injury attorney, but if so, Batta Fulkerson is the only firm to whom I'd be confident referring my friends and family.
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A reputable bicycle accident attorney understands how severe injuries can get from a bicycle crash or cycling accident.

Whether it is a street bike, trail bike, or a beach cruiser, many cyclists take serious precautions to avoid a collision or accident of any sort. But even the most skilled and careful cyclists cannot fully eliminate the risk a bicycle accident that leads to injury.

Bicycle accident cases are unique in nature due to the growing increasing participants and public bias against cyclists in San Diego. People seem to have the perception that all bicycle operators ride to closely to vehicle traffic and take unnecessary risks while on the road. Only a truly skilled bicycle accident attorney can overcome this bias and ensure the victim is properly represented and the case is handled fairly.

At Batta Fulkerson, we have a team of skilled San Diego bicycle accident lawyers with the relevant experience combating this bias and maximizing your settlement opportunity.

Why are Bicycle Accident Injuries so Frequent in San Diego?

According to San Diego Bikers Coalition there are more than 300 people killed or seriously injured by vehicles while walking or riding a bike yearly. This number will continue to grow as more people use bicycles as a means of transportation. Most of these bicycle riders are applying proper safety protocols, but the growing number of cyclists combined with vehicles on the road, accidents are inevitable.

The frequency of bicycle accidents in San Diego is purely a numbers game. As these numbers increase, the accidents and injury cases do as well.

Why Can Bicycle Accidents Be So Severe?

The nature of riding a bicycle leaves you exposed and extremely vulnerable to serious injury during an accident with a moving vehicle:
  1. Since there is no protective metal framing around a bicyclist he/she is susceptible to direct impact with the ground, a car, or an object.
  2. Bicycles are much lighter than cars, trucks, and buses, so impacts at slower speeds can still cause great bodily damage.
  3. Bicycle riders are harder to see for vehicle drivers, leaving bikers more susceptible to being cut off, blindsided or "doored" (having a driver open a door while a bicycle is passing).
  4. Bicycles are impacted by road defects, big potholes or just poorly maintained roads and freeways. While a car may only experience a light impact by these inconveniences, they could cause an accident to a bicyclist.

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