Barrio Logan Stairway Collapse

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The recent Barrio Logan stairway collapse at the Vault PK is evidence of the potential for serious accidents to occur at any time. It was “Kids Night Out,” an open gym night that had kids between the ages of 5 and 14 flipping and jumping! Suddenly, some of the kids on the platform heard the sound of wood splintering and the 20’ x 30’ platform that was 10’ above the floor crashed down, along with the stairwell at the end.

Barrio Logan Stairway Collapse

The collapse apparently occurred after a number of kids came up to get some pizza. When the structure fell, it carried those on top of it with them while hitting a number of kids below. The accident resulted in 21 kids and two adult women, ages 46 and 72, being taken to the hospital with various types of injuries, with the potential for this number to grow.

Some children had seemingly minor injuries while several with suspected head or spinal injuries are listed as having received “more serious” conditions. While some parents expressed their thanks that things didn’t end up worse than they did, some of the victims of the Barrio Logan Stairway Collapse could experience the impact of their injuries for years to come.

Head and Spinal Injuries in Kids

Children are especially vulnerable to injuries to the head and spine from falls. Their bodies haven’t finished growing, making them more likely to develop more conditions in the future. For example, nearly every child who gets a spinal cord injury prior to puberty will develop scoliosis.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) lists falls as the most frequent cause of traumatic brain injury (TBI) in children from two to sixteen years of age. Like spinal cord injuries, children are at a greater risk of damage due to the ratio of their head-to-body size and thinner cranial bones.

Children also require different types of care than adults with the same types of injury. The cost for extended medical care and for seeing specialists can easily run from thousands to millions of dollars in medical bills.

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